Site footage - July 2022


Update:July 2022

Harworth has appointed Winvic to undertake the construction of the units with initial works starting back in August 2021 including earthworks and drainage, which are now complete, creating the platforms for development in addition to the storm water attenuation ponds.

The Local Wildlife Site to the south of the river will also be enhanced and maintained with new fencing and bat and bird boxes. Access will continue to be prohibited to ensure wildlife is protected.

With steel work complete and cladding in the final stages, the scheme is now fast approaching practical completion which is due in August 2022. Winvic are putting the final touches to the units with the deep clean already starting on the most advanced units.

Two tenants have also exchanged for Units 1 and 4, both of whom have either started or are about to start their fitting out works to the warehouses. Two other units are also currently under offer.

During the build out, the opportunity was taken to make the scheme Net Zero Carbon (NZC) in construction and the possibility to extend this to NZC in occupation is also under consideration with the installation of solar panels on the roofs.

Camera One

Camera Two